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Your Eyes Are The Window To Your Soul

Many creatures on this earth go to great lengths to make their appearance attractive to the opposite sex. Examples of this behavior are Peacocks and the Australian Lyre bird. Humans are creatures, whether we like it or not, and also follow this basic primal instinct. Making ourselves beautiful for others, and for our own self-esteem, has been around since time began. If we didn’t try to make ourselves more appealing to the opposite sex, the human race’s population would be in decline or extinct.

Clothing manufacturers use beautiful models to show women and men how beautiful they could be if they use their products.

Cosmetic contact lenses can also help in making yourself more beautiful and attractive to the opposite sex, or get that extra attention you desire.

Cosmetic contact lenses have been used by many film stars and in the music industry

  • Marilyn Manson uses a different type of lens for each eye in his music video “Tainted Love”. And what are these contact lenses called? White and Black Manson cosmetic contact lenses of course.
  • The Witcher is an example of a new series where colored contacts are massively used. Henry Cavill wearing yellow colored contact lenses while acting in The Witcher series.
  • Celebrity stars like Kanye West and Kylie Jenner also wear colored contacts often. They usually wear lenses from the brand Solotica which is one of the brands that has the most natural colored contacts.
the witcher wearing colored contacts

Consumers of all ages are also finding that these lenses can be very beneficial. So why do consumers purchase these lenses? They purchase them for self-beautification or for attracting attention at dances or raves. Halloween and cosplay lenses are also massively popular among youngsters.

There has been some negative press about cosmetic contact lenses in the last few years, but if good hygiene and basic common sense are used, then consumers should not have any health problems when using these contact lenses.

Health Care For Cosmetic Contact Lenses

  • See your optometrist before using Cosmetic Contact Lenses
  • Purchase quality lenses
  • Make sure the multi-purpose cleaning solution is included or you purchase it before using Cosmetic Contact Lenses
  • Do not share your lenses with friends or family
  • Do not sleep with lenses in
  • Check lenses for damage before use
  • Change multi-purpose cleaning solutions often
  • Do not use past expiry date

Cosmetic Contact lenses do not help improve eyesight. If you normally wear contact lenses to correct vision, then you should think carefully before using cosmetic contact lenses. You should see an optometrist before purchasing these lenses.


So I hope by now you see the beauty of these magnificent products. If you use them correctly, they will certainly add value to any situation you place yourself in. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so let your friends see your beauty. Or Your eyes are the mirror to your soul, so why don’t you enhance these windows…

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