It seems that people are always looking for new ways to update their image and change their style. There are so many outrageous things going on in the fashion world these days that it seems like nothing is off limits. People are spending tons of money on their clothes. They are spending money to change the size, shape and color of their hair, and they are even changing the color of their skin by tanning. So is there anything else that you can do to change your appearance. It seems that the new revolution in personal fashion is colored contacts. If you are changing every detail about your appearance, then there is no reason that you should stop at your eyes. You can change the color of your eyes with colored contacts and if you have the money to spend on it, you can have a different eye color for every day of the month if you feel like it and want to spend that kind of money on changing and altering your appearance.

If you are interested in this type of change to your personal image, here are some things that you need to know about colored contacts. First of all, you should know that you cannot just go to a store, pick a pair of colored contacts out and leave with them. You need to go through the same procedure that you would go through when getting a pair of regular contact lenses with a prescription. Even though you do not need a medical prescription that will alter your vision or help you if your vision is impaired, you will still need a prescription in order to get a perfect fit for your eyes. If you have a vision problem and already wear regular contact lenses, then you can get colored contacts as well. The only difference is that you will be seeing the world through a different tint, much like when you are wearing a pair of tinted sunglasses.

And just like with regular contact lenses, the same rules of hygiene apply. That means that you should, under no circumstances share them with your friends. These are contacts that fit on your eye, they are not a sweater or a purse and they cannot be shared, because you can risk serious infections and general discomfort by wearing contacts that are not made for your eye. Of course, you also must remember to take them out before you go to bed and go to sleep every night, and you also have to remember to sanitize them and clean them every night as well. Even if fashion is important to you, the safety and health of your eyes should be more important. The maintenance of contact lenses only takes a little bit of effort before you go to bed, so don’t risk your eye health because you are too lazy to take them out and clean them every night.

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