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In today’s world of fashion it seems that nothing is too extreme. You’ve seen the way that people dress these days and all of the wild haircuts. There seems to be no limit to what you can do with fashion in order to make some type of statement with your appearance or to just make yourself feel good. People are even changing the color of their skin with bleaching and tanning techniques. So why would it be strange for people to change the color of their eyes as well? It’s not strange at all, and there are tons of people who are doing this thanks to colored contacts. They fit in your eye just like normal contacts do; the only difference is that they change the color of your eyes. What people see when they look at your eyes is a different eye color than the one you usually have. But when you look out on the world through your colored contacts, you are seeing the world through a different tint, just like when you are wearing tinted sunglasses.

You really can pick and choose from any color and tons of styles these days; it seems that the options are limitless with colored contacts. It really is no different from changing your shirt or your hair color. And if people are ready to spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars a month on clothes and haircuts, then what is stopping them form spending some of that extra money on new colors for their eyes as well.

However, even though it might seem like colored contacts are just like shirts, pants or any other accessory, there are some crucial differences. One is that you cannot share lenses with your friends. You need to go to the optometrist and get a prescription for the colored contacts even if you do not have any problems with your vision and you are not impaired in your eyesight at all. Even contact lens needs to be fitted to a person’s eyes, and these measurements differ from person to person.

And that is not the only reason that you should not be sharing your colored contacts. You should not be sharing them with friends because that is not safe. Sharing your colored contacts can cause infections to your eyes and a lot of pain and discomfort as well. You should also know that if you are serious about wearing colored contacts, you need to take care of them just like normal people take care of regular contact lenses that help them see instead of wearing prescription glasses. That means that you have to take them out before you go to bed and you have to clean them every single night. It is important to not only keep your colored contacts clean and sanitized, but to keep your eyes healthy as well so you can enjoy your new and exciting look without any vision problems impeding your enjoyment and fun.